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Publishing Packages We approach publishing as a three-step process: the book design and build stage, the book order, and the post-production phase. Book Design And Build Packages: Many of our clients simply hand over a Microsoft Word document and maybe a handful of photos or images to go along with their project. Some authors find it distressing or confusing to set up their book interiors and covers so we try to take that hassle out of it. We’ll build your interior and your cover using the most up-to-date software from Adobe to create custom, professional, and print-ready book components. You don’t have to do a thing except give a thumbs-up to the proof! Throughout the process, we can provide you with e-proofs to ensure that it is coming along to your liking. Once we’ve achieved success on the book build, then we move onto the printing and book ordering phase. We can handle paperback printing in-house via our Espresso Book Machine. We also have outside vendors to handle bulk paperback printing and and hardback books. We create and distribute all eBooks in-house. After the build is complete, then we will let you know how much each book will cost based on the specs and quantity ordered. Shipping charges may apply depending on printer choice and location. But before we get to the packages and printing your book, there are a few important items to highlight… Editing: Any book that will carry the Salt Water Media logo must be properly edited. This is essential. For your benefit and ours, we are adamant that you seek out a qualified, legitimate editor. We cannot proceed to the build phase unless and until editing is complete. We will reserve the right to ask for proof of proper editing on manuscripts. We also reserve the right to deny use of our logo on work that does not meet our standard. It is important to us that any book we put forward looks as professional and as polished as possible, and we are certain our clients will agree wholeheartedly. If you need editing work, then we can help! We can either help you find an appropriate one or we can do the job in-house. Our rates are $0.01 per word on copy editing and $0.03 per word on content editing. (Please note that copy editing concerns grammar, spelling, punctuation, and minor plot/character details; content editing is a detailed assessment of the work. Please note we do not provide content editing for poetry.) Cover Design: All packages listed below include a Basic Cover Design. This can be accomplished using an image/artwork/photo you already have, a stock photo, or public domain image and then incorporating a text overlay. You can see samples of some of our in-house designs here, here, here, and here. If you would like a more specific or artistic design for your book cover, then we can help you with that as well. The pricing will vary depending on the complexity, number of graphic designers pitched, the number of drafts required, and the desired look of your project, but the anticipated range will be between $500 and $1500. Once we consult with you regarding the project and have a sense of your book goals, then we’ll be able to find the right graphic designer for you! Now that those are out of the way, listed below are the packages we’ve developed to build your book. Don’t see a package that exactly matches your needs? Don’t worry – just let us know and we’ll customize a package just for you! < insert table here > Book order: The current pricing on the EBM is $6.75 base rate plus $0.015 per page. There is no minimum order and print and shipping/pick-up are available in the same day as long as orders are placed before 2:00 p.m. EST. Naturally, any order picked up at our Berlin location will not have shipping charges. For other printing options, we will supply a custom quote on your project based on final proof specs. We use printers that have bulk discounts available, but please note that shipping charges will apply for any print job not produced on our Espresso Book Machine. Post Production: New updates will be posted soon as our current model is being revised!
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