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Tell your story. There are a plethora of publishing options for the author who chooses to self-publish, or as we like to call it, indie publish. You are independent and your work is unique to you! We are one of your options when it comes time to publish your work. You’ve already done the hard part and put the pen to paper - your work is ready to take the next step. The hard part is done… or so many writers think. The publishing process can be confusing and it can be hard to make sense of it all. Who do you choose? How do you know what’s right? Good questions! First, there are the traditional presses to consider. Maybe a smaller press or a university press or a speciality press is right for you. Last, but never least, there are presses like ours - self-publishers / indie publishers - who allow you to let your work live in a way that offers you the most control. Each type of publisher is different and offers pros and cons for an author. In the traditional world, you get the obvious benefits of marketing, distribution, and no upfront out of pocket costs. It’s generally a good deal - if you can get it! The downside can be that authors may lose control over various parts of the project and the end result may not be exactly as they thought. This, of course, is a glossed over version… perhaps we need a few in-depth blog posts on this very topic! At Salt Water Media, the author has a good deal of control over the project. We don’t force a particular cover art on your book; we don’t pick your illustrations. Not interested in Amazon? No problem. We want our authors to feel the project remains as much theirs, and because the client is ultimately paying for the entire package, the author needs to feel that the end result is authentic to them and the book. So, how does it work at Salt Water Media? Many of our clients walk in the door with a project on a jump drive and a list of questions of what to do about copyright, images, captions, layout, costs, and on and on. We can handle nearly every service or product - editing, book block layout, cover design and layout, ISBN & barcode, Library of Congress number, copyright info, image processing and layout, and more. With us, the client doesn’t need to worry about formatting that Microsoft Word document for a 6x9 trim size with appropriate margins. Our goal is to understand the project - whether it is a small family memoir or a non-fiction textbook or a multi-series young adult fiction novel - and help the author figure out what needs to happen to accomplish the author’s vision. There are cheaper avenues in self-publishing, but when you choose to be a Salt Water Media author, you are getting personalized service… a one-to-one relationship in which you can sit down, see the project coming to life on the computer screen or in the Espresso Book Machine, and be a part of the publishing experience. This is your story, after all. Finish your work. Gather your questions. And come see us.
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