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heller pic Florida native and Salisbury, Maryland resident, Andrew Heller, is one of the early success stories for Salt Water Media. His YA series, Samuel Smythe, was first conceived several years ago when his professorial contract with a local university was cancelled due to cutbacks. “The first Christmas was tough,” Andrew said, explaining that his first novel began as a short story offered to his son, Sam, as a Christmas present. “I wanted to give Sam something that was from me, not purchased by someone else and passed off as my gift.” Apparently Sam liked the story, and he encouraged his father to do more. And just that simply, the Samuel Smythe YA mystery series was born. The first novel in the series, Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Missing Papers, came to us in early 2013 as a simple Microsoft Word document. We did some of initial editing and then completed a total format of the interior book block. (The night we gave Andrew his first draft his book, he was genuinely moved. We all cried!) We continued on with designing the cover based on his illustrations, adding other illustrated images, finalizing his ISBN and barcode assignments as well as his official copyright work and the Library of Congress number. Finishing the project included completing the ebook (which was distributed to Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon) as well as completing the process for file uploads for Espressnet (for all global EBMs) and Ingram distribution (to and other online booksellers.) Once the book build was finished, we assisted Andrew with ideas for marketing, encouraged him to be present on social media components, and created a website for his work. Now, Andrew’s Samuel Smythe series is comprised of three novels and all are available locally and worldwide. These books have been one giant project, one big labor of love for all concerned. Andrew is a great example of the total process at Salt Water Media: he started with a just a Word document and only asked us to hold his hand and walk him through his first self-published novel. We are delighted that Andrew Heller is a part of the Salt Water Family because he is a such a joy to work with, and the collaboration certainly taught us all a great deal.
roberts pic Kelly Hughes Roberts came to us after publishing her first novel through a larger, self-publishing press. As a smaller press, we put our focus on quality customer service and a one-on-one connection… quality over quantity. According to her, “Salt Water Media's open-mindedness and focus on what I - the author - was looking for was why I decided they were the right fit for me.” As a professional pilates instructor and all-around health guru, Kelly had several cookbook concepts that she wanted to get into print. From the first meeting, her energy and enthusiasm for healthy living advocacy invigorated us in a creative way. Since cookbooks need to have those beautiful color photos to complement the recipes, we had to work a little harder because this was the first project in which we included full color photographs. We wanted to accommodate Kelly and maker her cookbook come to life as she imagined. Because of Kelly’s projects, we learned to expand our services to color interiors for book projects that contain more graphics, images, and photographs. The cookbooks we have done for Kelly (and we’ve done three now!) have been another series of projects that we are happy to showcase and promote. The books, like Kelly, were infused with personality, and as Kelly continues to emerge as a local leader in her field, she also continues to be a model for our success and growth. Kelly is the prime example of the author who knows just what they need on a professional service level, an artistic level, and a personal experience level.
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